Superior protection for hardwood, tile, vinyl, and carpeted floors for all furniture types

Save Your floors & budget

At Chair Feet, we offer the highest quality Pre Cut Tennis Balls and Custom Glides that install in minutes, look great and stay on for years. We believe teachers & students deserve quiet classooms, custodians a polished floor and school administrators the savings that occur after installing our floor protectors.

Our Pre Cut Tennis Balls & Quiet Glides save the average school $5,600 per year in floor maintenance cost, $16,800 in savings over three years!


Our Pre-Cut Tennis Balls are precision cut and made to last for years!

Strength - Every Pre Cut Tennis Ball has a custom rubber core that grips your furniture leg and will not let go!

Durability - Our felt covering is heavy duty and approximately 4 mm thick. It's unlikely you will ever wear through the felt.

Convenience - Our cutting machine makes a straight cut across every ball for quick & easy installation! Your teachers & custodians will love how easy they are to install!


We Guarantee our Chair Feet for 3 years from date of purchase under conditions of normal use.