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For Students

Listening, concentration and trying to learn with background noise can be difficult for young people. Classrooms today include students who face additional learning difficulties such as Hearing Impairment, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) among many others.

For Educators

Teachers find constant chair noise tiring. Many report physical and vocal fatigue when speaking all day at a high volume. Teaching is a challenging career in and of itself. Coping with chair noise can be difficult and compromises the all important learning environment.

For Parents

Children spend the better part of 12-14 years of their lives in a classroom. Students who are exposed to the constant scraping noise of chairs can suffer headaches, fatigue, and stress which can effect their health an wellness, but also their mood and behavior when they get home.

Why is a quiet learning environment so important?

Classrooms by their design and nature can be noisy places and interventions are often necessary to improve sound quality and learning ambiance for all.

For teachers & students, the noise created by moving furniture can be the most distracting noise of all and often interferes with the clarity of teacher instruction. Students who are Deaf or have hearing impairments may have difficulty identifying consonant sounds and blends in words or sentences in the presence of the scraping sound caused by moving chairs and desks. This actually distorts the meaning of the word and the overall comprehension of the message. The long-term educational and social implications are cumulative. 

Furniture Balls are the most efficient and safe way to eliminate chair noise. Creating a better learning environment is our mission!

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Tennis Balls Increase Children's Attention

Product Specifications

Students deserve only the best quality products when it comes to learning.

Furniture Balls are custom tennis balls made manufactured to last for a minimum of 5 school years. The felt covering is 4 mm thick and the rubber core is 3.5 mm thick for a tighter grip on the furniture leg.

Our precision machine cut creates the highest quality opening for quick and easy installation.

Sponsorship Opportunities

1 Classroom Set/25 Student Chairs/100 Balls: Cost $150

  • The minimum order amount to have your company logo on each ball is 200 classrooms/5,000 Student Chairs/20,000 Balls: Cost $25,000
  • Your Sponsored Balls can be delivered to targeted areas of the US and/or grade levels (Elementary, Middle, High School or University). 

Delivery Schedule

Your sponsored Furniture Balls will be delivered to the school(s) of your choice on or around August 10, 2022. A delivery conformation and letter of appreciation from the teacher, principal or superintendent will be emailed to each sponsor within 30 days from receiving the Furniture Balls.

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