You want protection, ease, and durability? We deliver with tough strength. Chair Feet serves schools, hospitals, nursing homes, military bases, corporations, and other large facilities that want to protect their tile or hardwood floors, save money on floor maintenance, and eliminate the stressful noise caused by a roomful of chairs scraping on the floor at once. Our balls & glides save customers millions of dollars every year—money better spent accomplishing the mission of the organization.

“Our Chair Feet save the average school $5,600 per year in floor maintenance cost. That’s $16,800 in savings over a three year period! That's money schools can use to educate their students.”
Why are we the best? Durability, ease, and customization. Our balls & glides undergo rigorous durability testing to prove they are tough. Most of our Floor Protectors require no glue or tools and install in seconds. They outlast the competition in endurance and customer satisfaction, and we’re proud of our product. Many facilities require aesthetically pleasing glides for custom-built furniture. We custom-fit and build glides that complement and protect those assets and their environment. Chair Feet is located in Birmingham, Alabama. We are a family-owned, close-knit company, which prides itself on taking good care of people— employees and customers alike. Call us, and you’ll speak with an actual human being who cares about your needs and your experience with our company.